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Electrical Installations – Verification

Kurstyp: Lärarledd | Omfattning: 1 dag

Do you want to learn more about verification of electrical installations? This theoretical and practical course helps you gain expertise in how to inspect and test each electrical installation to a sufficient extent before it is taken into service. The purpose of these controls is to ensure that the installation is safe to use and operates as intended. This will not only help you achieve a safe facility but also prevents costly finishing work.


Course Objective




Target Group
This course is for any professional required to complete all, or a part of, the verification of an electrical installation and who would benefit from training held in English.


For this course, you need knowledge of the rules for design and erection of electrical installations as well as experience from electrical installation. You also need a good knowledge of English.


Ordinarie pris

6 900 kr exkl moms

Personal från företag utan partner- eller medlemsavtal.

Medlemspris 1

6 200 kr exkl moms

Medlemsföretag från Installatörsföretagen, Svensk ventilation och SKVP Gymnasielärare.

Medlemspris 2

3 450 kr exkl moms

Elektriker från Installatörsföretagens medlemsföretag som omfattas av installationsavtalet. Gymnasielärare på ETGs partnerskolor.

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