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Operation of Electrical Installations

Kurstyp: Lärarledd | Omfattning: 1 dag

Do you operate electrical installations and want to learn more about electrical safety at work? In this course, you will learn about the regulations and applicable standards. This knowledge is mandatory for all electrical professional and it is very important that you keep it up to date. To have current and documented knowledge is, besides the pure safety aspect, extra important as the risks increase when many companies operate in the same workplace.


Course Objectives

You will gain knowledge of relevant regulations for governing electrical safety at work and the National Standard SS-EN 50 110-1, edition 4, Operation of Electrical Installations. In addition, the course will give you an understanding of the proprietor’s control of the electrical installation and warning marks.



– Requirements of the National Safety Regulations and Standards 

– Practical exercises in risk assessment 

– Employer’s responsibility for electrical safety at work 

– The owner’s responsibility for the electric installation 

– Safe working methods 

– Electrical accidents 

– Warning marks 

During the course, you will benefit from access to our own elaborated electrical safety manual, the standard SS-EN 50 110-1 edition 4 and from the commented release of the Swedish Standard updated with comments. The manual also contains descriptions of different situations with guidance and advice. On the completion of the training, it can be used as a manual for work at your own operational facility. During the course, participants will be able to borrow an English version of the standard. The course ends with a final exam. When you pass the test you will receive a personal certificate. For information on the Swedish version of this course, go to Elsäkerhet vid arbete.



For this course, you need experience of electrical installation work and good knowledge in English.

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